La Casa

La Casa is an extremely unique, 19th century, Glaswegian property saturated with highly valuable and rare examples of the Art Nouveau movement that existed in Glasgow at the turn of the 19th Century.

A unique and individual property

In this unusual project, Designhouse were approached by agents of the property owner to create a video that would attract a very targeted audience of extremely wealthy individuals who would be interested in purchasing this unique property. What made the property so unique, was that the building’s value was dwarfed by the value of the fixtures and fittings, most of which were highly treasured and rare examples of the Art Nouveau movement that existed in Glasgow at the turn of the 19th Century.

The building also had a rich and varied history of unusual occupants. These included the original owner – a Victorian entrepreneur, a club for Scots/Italians, the Italian Consulate for Glasgow and more recently, a wedding venue. These resulted in its unusual and highly elaborate interior decoration.

Designhouse researched the building to unpick the building’s history and created a movie that recreated some of that history, showing the building in its best light, appealling to those likely to be interested in owning a unique and individual property.

The video was only accessible online for limited viewing by interested parties, each receiving their own bespoke password. The project delivered the client’s required anonimity as well as three offers to purchase.

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