Nuance Group

Nuance is one of the world’s leading travel retailers. Across the globe, we work together with our partners to create innovative retail environments offering an enjoyable shopping experience for travelling consumers.

At the heart
of every journey

The Nuance group’s new corporate identity is the culmination of an 18 month collaboration with the global duty free operator. We interviewed their clients, airport partners and suppliers and undertook staff workshops in Australia, Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Europe in order to develop a brand strategy and brand proposition that would best reflect the brand, their people and the company’s ambitions for growth.

The new corporate mark, which is formed from a dynamic ribbon shaping a globe at the centre of which, is the initial ‘N’ from the original logo. The ribbon itself, represents a retail journey, which, informing a sphere, depicts the global nature of the company’s retail business. The new brand identity captures the very essence of what Nuance stands for, what they believe and how they want to be seen. The brand proposition ‘To be at the heart of every journey’ is the defining thought at the very core of their operation.

Nuance is a truly global company, and a local touch is retained wherever it operates. Under the corporate’s global umbrella, unique colours have been assigned for each region demonstrating the importance of local adaptations.

The new identity was launched globally via an online event which combined an introductory video message from the CEO with video animation, footage of the branding process and a dedicated launch microsite. We have also created a new website and brand guidelines. We are rolling out the identity worldwide across many applications.

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