Tower House

We are incredibly proud of our smallest client – Tower House School, a boys’ preparatory school in South West London. We believe their strength in this highly competitive arena is their size, they are small. This simple fact gives them the edge in almost every aspect of the education of 4-13 year olds.

The school is full and there is a waiting list!

Designhouse conducted a comprehensive audit of all aspects of the school including in-depth interviews with staff, parents and pupils to develop their new positioning and marketing strategy. Central to their marketing plan is the school’s prospectus. This traditional marketing communications tool has been brought to life and given a contemporary twist with documentary style photography that is not only informative but demonstrates the depth of spirit and sense of community within the school.

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In the smaller pages within the prospectus, the sensitively written copy completes the story covering the complementary aspects and details of the school. The combined formats are bound together and presented within a folder with the names of all the pupils embossed on the belly band.


We also create a brand new website inspired by the school uniform and previous brand assets. The photography has a strong presence on the site and is easy to navigate by parents and pupils.