Communicating sustainability in your brand purpose

It’s World Earth Day, and with brand authenticity becoming increasingly important, we are taking a closer look at why brands need to demonstrate that their brand purpose is reflected in their messaging, particularly in relation to environmental issues.

Consumers are fuelling demand for purpose-driven brands by making purchasing decisions based on a sense of shared value. One of the first steps that a consumer may take towards a ‘greener’ lifestyle is to support brands known for their sustainable practices and social responsibility strategies.

Recent research from Accenture Strategy found that 62% of consumers want companies to take a stand on current and relevant issues such as sustainability. Brands who highlight their positive environmental and social impacts are likely to better engage with consumers with similar values.

Consumers reward companies that offer transparency across products, services and promises. It is evident that having purpose that reflects sustainable values will result in good business. To achieve true authenticity, however, any statements should be supported by environmental credentials.

Purpose requires a high level of commitment and effort that not all organisations have – the ability to make the transformational requirements. Organisational values should run through every area of the business, with processes in place to ensure these are communicated to employees.

Our work for EMCOR helped them to shape a new strategic brand proposition that reflected how customers, partners and employees felt about the business going forward, with their new vision A better world at work reflecting companywide ambitions for innovative, sustainable progress. For urban greening group Scotscape, their ‘green’ credentials were clear, but it was important to them that their new brand identity also reflected their innovative new technology and their mission to reduce air pollution and improve wellbeing in city spaces.

Our digital brand campaigns for Centrica Business Solutions are helping to communicate the benefits of sustainable energy solutions to businesses across the UK. We create collateral that is engaging and positive, highlighting the importance of new energy solutions and encouraging businesses to take action.

We’ve a proven track record of delivering great full-cycle digital campaigns that support core brand messages, so do get in touch if you need help to communicate your sustainability initiatives and values more effectively.

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