Is your brand identity fit for purpose post Covid-19?

This week we’re looking at brand identity as part of our #keeptheballrolling campaign.

After mass speculation in the national media about lifting restrictions, we’ve now seen the government’s 50 page “conditional plan” and it’s clear that it’s not going to be ‘business as usual’ for a long time. Rather than battening down the hatches, dynamic and agile businesses can use this time to their advantage, prepare and be ready to go when we get the green light. With many companies diversifying and offering new services, or considering M&As, now is a good time to consider whether your brand identity will be fit for purpose in a post Covid-19 world.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is more than just a logo. It’s the collection of assets that support your brand proposition, from visual identity (logotype, typography, imagery and colour palette) to language and tone of voice.

The key purpose of brand identity is fivefold:

  • To symbolise and focus the vision and brand values of the organisation
  • To achieve relevant, distinctive and memorable differentiation
  • To create positive awareness, recognition and reputation
  • To facilitate trusted relationships between the organisation and its key audiences,
    both internal and external
  • To build brand equity, future asset value and bridges to new audiences

Questions you should ask about your brand identity?


Is your brand identity fit for purpose?

The brand identity that helped you build your company may no longer be as relevant today, to your customers, stakeholders and employees. Does it truly reflect your success to date, and do you stand out amongst your industry peers? Does it work in a digital world or is your logo design difficult to replicate on screen or for all your print requirements?

Our new name and visual identity for Jersey-based financial services providers Crestbridge (formerly Dominion Corporate Group) saw them grow three-fold in the space of two years.

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Have you diversified, introduced new products or shifted your brand positioning?

Are you repositioning your business in the light of Covid-19? You may be diversifying into new product lines (think gyms bringing workouts in to the home, upmarket restaurants doing takeaways) or your business may already have shifted emphasis pre-Coronavirus. You need to ensure that your brand identity reflects your new positioning or services.

Our rebrand for DFASS created 3Sixty. The new name and brand identity more accurately reflects their new role as digital disruptors and innovators across travel retail. The rebrand helped to secure massive investment from The Shilla, who completed a deal in April to become a 44% shareholder in the company.


Are you launching a new business that you’ve been planning for years?

Now could be the time to be brave and launch that business you’ve been planning, but you need a brand identity that reflects your credentials; that is appropriate for your product or service; that stands out in your marketplace; and is consistently applied across all your marketing materials and packaging.

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Are you considering a merger or acquisition?

Covid-19 may precipitate a wave of M&A, but will one brand identity become a sub-brand sitting under an existing master brand (brand hierarchy) or do you need to think about creating a completely new brand identity for the NewCo?

Our rebrand for The Scotscape Group  included creating three new sub-brands for each division of the business, so it was clear to customers and internally how the business worked. Since the launch of the new brand and sub-brands, sales have increased by 30%.

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Are you expanding and looking for outward investment or sale?

In a beauty parade for investors, a strong brand identity is considered an asset. A visual representation of your brand will bring the business to life, reinforce credibility and help the investor benchmark your business against competitors.

We worked with the Zurich based Nuance Group developing a new look and feel for their global retail duty-free brand. Following this rebrand, Nuance was acquired by Dufry for CHF 1.55 billion. The new owners have chosen to retain the Nuance identity as it is well regarded and recognised by the travelling public.

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Do you need to refresh your retail identity to attract shoppers back to the high street?

More than ever mid- and post-Covid-19, retail operators (both traditional and online) need to think about how their brand identity can help attract shoppers and generate much needed revenue.

Our renaming and rebranding of the struggling N1 Shopping Centre in Islington to Angel Central delivered a £60 million ROI when sold just a year after rebranding had been completed.

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Do you need a brand identity to promote your efforts in the community?

In the Not for Profit sector, you need a recognisable and confident brand identity to attract supporters and revenue, as well as giving you credibility with policymakers, fund-raisers and the public.

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Top tips for refreshing your brand identity

  • Review your core values and brand proposition: interview your employees, your partners and customers to ask them all about the good, the bad and the ugly. What’s changed since you first started? What still resonates with your audience and should be retained, albeit refined?
  • Look at competitors in your sector. What makes you different and gives you stand out?
  • Consider your target audience. Who do you need to connect with and what will appeal to them?
  • Audit your existing marketing materials. Use this as an opportunity to improve your marketing collateral, and think about the environment – could you create digital assets rather than printing?
  • Develop a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency across your materials, from website and social posts to packaging.
  • Agree a strategy to launch your new brand identity both internally and externally, to ensure everyone feels part of the new vision.


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