Is your website working hard enough?

Over the next few weeks, as part of our #keeptheballrolling campaign we will be sharing some ideas which could help you with short-term communication and building long term brand value.

With #WFH freeing up commute times, it provides the perfect opportunity to review your brand and communication materials and ask yourself whether they are performing as well as they could? Do they reflect your brand and your brand values? Does your tone of voice and messaging need to change in response to Covid 19 and life after?

As many channels to market are restricted, your website will be your key communication tool so it’s important to get it right. Stand out will be even more important than ever in the increasingly crowded digital space so take the time now to implement those long overdue improvements. Some key things to bear in mind include:

User Experience (UX)

When reviewing your website, approach it as if you are a first time visitor. Ask yourself, is your website intuitive? Can you find the information you need easily? Review your site analytics to guide you – where are you losing visitors? Which are the most popular pages etc?

Is your site compatible and scalable across different devices? Mobile traffic (as opposed to desktop internet access) has increased from 16% in 2013 to 53% in 2019 and is predicted to continue to rise.

Direct Ferries mobile website

When redesigning the website for Direct Ferries, we completed an in-depth review of the Information Architecture to improve the user journey. We included new multiple search features and reorganised the content to create a more user-friendly experience across the 30 different localised language versions.

One year after the rebrand ticket sales had increased by 40% YOY with traffic to the site increasing by 33% with conversions to sales up by 20%.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface – the visual aspects of your website. Things to consider, does the homepage reflect your brand and your values? Is it clear what you do (you would be surprised at how many websites don’t make it clear as to which sector or business the company is in)? Does it grab the attention, in the right way? Are your images current and ownable?

Do make sure the call to action and interface enhances the user experience. For example there is no point in having a button/click through that looks good but isn’t clearly visible.

Websites can and should be engaging as well as informative. Our design for The Blueprint Partnership was all about grabbing the attention. The site had to bring to life and best reflect this dynamic new disruptor in the travel retail sector.

Blueprint website

Our work for the British Services Association (BSA) on the other hand needed to appeal to a different audience profile. We gave the site an editorial layout and style. We redesigned the site from a text heavy, traditional layout to a more image-led site with a rotating carousel of new photography linked to downloadable industry intelligence. Regular updates can be carried out by the in-house client team, keeping the news fresh, encouraging repeat visits. The ‘pink’ business pages are for members only content to help drive membership subscriptions.


There are different stats. available but the general rule is that you quite literally only have seconds to engage a visitor to your site once they’ve logged on to it. Engaging visual content is key. Consider tone of voice and messaging? Could your message be better represented using infographics, video or animations? An obvious one but ask yourself if it’s up to date and moved in step with changes to your brand and it’s messaging.

We redesigned the website for premium homecare provider My Life as part of a wider rebranding project.

We wrote all the copy to ensure it reflected the premium tone of voice, honest, direct and informative. Vital for a service built entirely upon trust.

MyLife website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Last but certainly not least, SEO – key words, metadata, updating content regularly – is essential to keep your site fresh and at the top of the search engines. From a design and build perspective, all the websites we create are SEO friendly with content considered carefully to ensure SEO optimisation.

Check out our site for urban landscapers, Scotscape. Before design started we worked closely with the client and SEO team to ensure all restructuring and redesigning of the site was SEO friendly. This has allowed Scotscape to maximise the SEO opportunities and is now ranking on page 1 of Google for their services.

Scotscape website

The rebrand and website project with The Scotscape Group led to an increase in sales by 30% year on year (2018/19) with sales forecast for 2020 up another 55% since the rebrand.

We hope you have found our post useful. Do follow us on our website and social accounts, we will be back next week with our thoughts on infographics and iconography. In the meantime, to see more digital projects visit our digital services page.

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