Let’s stay safe, and keep the ball rolling…

A few weeks into lockdown and we’ve barely had a chance to take a breath.

With relatively little warning, normal life has been turned upside down and we now find ourselves WFH, working to overcome every obstacle thrown in our way and embracing the technology that can help us deliver for our clients.

Because we’ve seen that, despite all the horrors that it brings, Covid-19 doesn’t stop the need for good communication, creativity and brand design. In fact, now more than ever, we need to keep talking, but with the right messages, bringing to life our brand values.

The past few weeks has demonstrated that it’s a fine line between getting communication right and getting it wrong.  We’re all looking for strong leadership in moments of crisis. We respond well to seeing the human side of a business, but leaders still need to present their messages professionally and in line with brand values, for both external and internal audiences. The 10 Downing Street press conferences haven’t gone dress down; they are formal and statesmanlike, and, quite frankly, we’d be worried if they weren’t.

As well as reinforcing established brand values, TOV and key messages may need to shift for the current climate and for life after Covid 19, but in the right way for each brand.  We still need to take the essence of the brand and bring it to life through visual communications, whether it’s a new product animation, a video launch, downloadable brochure or employee intranet. And where traditional channels are no longer possible, we need to look to the new evolving ways of communicating.

We also understand that marketers are anxious and stressed – about their brands; their jobs; their families, colleagues and friends.

But we are trying to remain positive in our outlook and are optimistic about how organisations around us are adapting to this extraordinary situation. How they are looking at what they traditionally do, and how they can adapt, to continue delivering what they need to, during and after Covid 19.

Media organisations from the BBC to National Geographic are sharing enhanced, free digital content to keep children busy at home.  The daily Government press briefings are virtual, taking place with journalists in their living rooms. The new TV series of Have I Got News for You is being broadcasted using a video chat programme, and gyms around the country are live-streaming exercise classes to keep us all fit – both physically and mentally – during the lockdown.

The arts world is embracing new technology with online access to exhibitions and collections that is helping to build engagement for the future. The British Museum has seen daily online visits increase from 2,000 to approximately 75,000 in late March, and the National Gallery London’s virtual tour visitors have increased by 1000% compared to this time last year.

Closer to home, our friends at The Moodie Davitt Report have launched their inaugural Virtual Travel Retail Expo to bring together this hard-hit community for a programme of online exhibitions, closed chat rooms and product launches.

Our clients, including Centrica Business Solutions and Scotscape Group have increased video call training, webinars and online CPD courses for customers, and others, like Accuity, are using short animations to communicate the challenges and solutions facing client industry sectors.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our ideas that help both with short-term communications and build brand value over the longer term, so to see more follow us on LinkedIn

So let’s stay safe, keep the ball rolling and use this time wisely.

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