Today we’re launching our exciting new social campaign, #LivingtheBrand.

We are delighted to be back in the studio after months of lockdown and have been reflecting on how our strong family values, at the very heart of the Designhouse brand, have kept us together even while physically apart.

A few weeks ago, on our first day back in London, we were welcomed at Waterloo Station with a free drink and a smile at Pret. Fresh organic coffee and outstanding customer service, simple but effective.

Now we want to shine the spotlight on other companies we think positively demonstrate their brand values, bringing them to life through actions as well as words.

As brand designers, when we see something that epitomises a brand, we share it with the team, whether it’s a creative campaign, a quote from the CEO, a sponsorship or a new product/service. It’s normally a quick photo or screenshot, distributed internally. Now we want to share our snapshots with a wider audience.

To kick off the campaign, we’re featuring the iconic window displays at Fortnum & Mason, the quintessentially British brand whose mission is to deliver a sense of pleasure. Humorous, elegant and eye-catching.

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring other brands that we spot when out and about, that we think are bringing their values to life in different ways.

Follow us on LinkedIn @Designhouse and help us celebrate those companies. Get involved and share your own photos and tag #LivingtheBrand.

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