We kept the ball rolling…

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. The sun is shining and restrictions are slowly lifting to encourage the country out of lockdown.

When we started #KeeptheBallRolling, the aim was to stimulate communications during this extraordinary period; to say ‘Grasp this opportunity forced upon us all and use your time wisely. Keep communicating, with the right messages, in the right tone of voice and in a way that reflects your brand identity.’

With some channels to market still restricted, digital assets and digital campaigns are going to have to continue working hard for all of us.  Ironically, some businesses have found these new ‘enforced’ ways of working very effective and are fast-tracking changes in their comms strategies for the future.

As well as sharing best practice, #KeeptheBallRolling has seen a consistent engagement rate of 12.5%, well above the 1.5% LinkedIn benchmark. It’s also had an average 9.2% click-through rate to our new website, compared to the 0.4% LinkedIn benchmark.

We work with our clients to exceed their social media targets by designing engaging content that cuts through the noise. From advent campaigns to Friday facts, webinar identities to blog posts, we’re constantly brainstorming new ways to communicate content online. In a crowded digital world, creativity is key to unlocking social media success.

We’ve a proven track record of delivering great full-cycle digital campaigns that support core brand messages. Just this week we achieved our annual KPIs for Centrica Business Solutions’ LinkedIn platform – six months early!

So, on a positive note, it’s now time to facilitate ‘the new normal’, to focus on keeping our work colleagues and families safe as we go about our everyday lives, and to keep the ball rolling.

If you have found the last few weeks’ posts useful, we are delighted to have helped. Do follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram for regular updates on our brand identity, design and communications campaign work.



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