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ING Group Going Further campaign toolkit

ING Commercial Banking launched the Fitter, Focused, Further global internal communication strategy to support their goal of positioning themselves as a leading bank in chosen markets within a 3 year period.

The campaign’s aim was to get staff more engaged in the business goals and support Commercial Banking in becoming ‘Fitter’ as an organisation, more ‘Focused’ on their clients and ‘Further’ grow their business in selected markets.

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Going Further

Being creators and brand guardians of the first two phases of the award winning Fitter, Focused, Further campaign, Designhouse were tasked with creating a campaign focusing on the final ‘Further’ stage. The resulting ‘Going Further’ campaign was aimed at engaging employees and reminding them of their crucial role in the delivery of the ‘Further’ aspect of the strategy.

The Going Further campaign was region specific, beginning with Belgium, Holland and C&EE and integrated a combination of short, sharp communication activities including a launch video, starter pack, booklet, microsite, and animated intranet banners.

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Each year ING bring together its top 150 executives for a 3-day conference to discuss the future and strategy of the business, however the 2012 conference was to be especially important. ING planned to unveil a new 5-year strategy and proposition to its executives and wanted to use the conference as the vehicle to launch, explain and inspire attendees behind the new vision.

Designhouse were asked to create the conference theme, name and identity and deliver all the required collateral to bring the vision to life. This included brochures, films, signage, takeaways and the brand experience.

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Client testimonial

“Thank you so much for the wow effect on this project!! Your team’s patience, flexibility and professionalism was amazing.”

Leanne Carmody Head of Internal Communications