Brand Campaign

With a mere eight-second attention span for most of us, brands need to differentiate themselves from competitors more than ever. To get your voice heard, you need to stand out and engage your audience with creative brand campaigns that articulate and support your brand proposition.


What is a brand campaign?

A branding campaign is a visual communication of the core brand values of an organisation. It raises awareness of the company or brand; helps the customer, employee or stakeholder to better understand and connect with those brand values; to see how it is different to others within the same sector; and helps to build brand loyalty.



How do you create a branding campaign?

At Designhouse, we combine insight with creative design solutions to build successful branding campaigns for our clients that also deliver real return on investment in the form of increased social media followers and higher brand awareness.

What are the different types of branding campaigns?

Branding campaigns can be delivered through a variety of channels, depending on the client and the audience. For one client, we may recommend social media campaigns, email templates and a dedicated microsite. For another, it may involve print advertising to a targeted trade audience. Whatever the delivery mechanism for the campaign, we will ensure consistency of brand and message across all applications.

Have a brand campaign project you need help with?

We’re always happy to talk, so get in touch today to find out how Designhouse can help you deliver your brand campaign that stands out from your competition and build brand awareness. Get in touch with Designhouse today.