Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is essential. It creates a consistent dialogue between you and your audience. We develop the assets to support your brand proposition, from designing the visuals to making recommendations on language and tone of voice.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is the visuals and language that create your brand. They are the colours, the font styles, the voice and tone that are recognisable to an audience as being yours. They are used throughout your company’s visuals, from your website to your letterheads, to establish recognition and help people remember you.

Why is it important?

  • To focus the vision and values of the company into a brand image
  • To achieve relevant, distinctive and memorable differentiation
  • To create positive awareness, recognition and reputation
  • To facilitate trusted relationships between the organisation and its key audiences, both internal and external
  • To build brand equity, future asset value and bridges to new audiences

Brand design process

When developing a new brand identity, or refreshing an old one, Designhouse look at logotype, typography, imagery and colour palette.

By designing two to three creative routes for consideration, each demonstrated and applied to sample applications and media, we help each client to focus on the route they want their brand identity to follow.

Language and tone of voice also play an important role, so we provide recommendations for straplines and key messaging.

Once the best creative route has been identified, it is refined in close collaboration with each client in order to produce master artwork for the brand identity. We also deliver brand guidelines to ensure consistency of application of the new visual identity across multiple media and the company as a whole.

From sole traders to international companies, we work with businesses of all sizes.


What is the difference between brand and brand identity?

A brand is a set of ideas that people have about your company. It’s how a customer feels about you and the emotions they associate with your business. Brand identity, on the other hand, is how you create this relationship. While your brand is felt, not seen, your brand identity encompasses all the visuals; it’s your communication tool.

What is the difference between brand identity and a logo?

Brand identity encompasses logos, but it’s so much more than that. Identity is everything you can see that is associated with your company: the colours, the fonts you use, even the composition and layout of your material.

What makes a strong brand identity?

The real strength of brand identity comes from consistency. Once you have chosen your brand identity it should be applied to all your materials without exception. Designhouse creates clear brand guidelines to help you stay consistent and develop a strong brand identity.

What is essential to communicate through brand identity?

Brand identity communicates a lot at once: your company’s ethos and core values (your ‘personality’), the promotion of your company goals, and what makes you different from the competition.

Have a brand identity project you need help with?

We’re always happy to talk, so get in touch today to find out how Designhouse can help you achieve maximum impact and engagement for your company identity and brand image.