In an unfamiliar environment, wayfinding guides people in the right direction so they can reach their chosen destination. Think of airports, tourist attractions, hospitals, hotels and shopping centres.

As wayfinding consultants, we can help with all your signage and wayfinding design requirements, working with architects, facilities managers and local planners to ensure the best solution.

From design to installation, we can provide wayfinding systems, signage printing, digital signage, map design, symbols, icons and colour zoning, all reflecting your brand identity.


As we transition back into the workplace, get in touch to see how we can help your organisation with branded “stay safe” signage printing and design, including the following:

  • WC signage
  • Lift signage
  • Entry signage
  • Kitchen signage
  • Meeting room signage
  • Meeting protocol signage



What is a wayfinding?

Wayfinding is the designed signage and navigation system that guides people around an unfamiliar built environment, while at the same time enhancing their experience and understanding of that space.

What is a wayfinding strategy?

Wayfinding design principles are based on anticipated human behaviour within a built environment.  A wayfinding strategy considers all the audiences; their different needs and the customer journey; where printed signage should be situated; whether natural landmarks can be used instead of signage; lighting; clear messaging; entry and exit points; and disabled access.

What makes a good wayfinding system?

Simplicity and intuition are key to good wayfinding design, as well as clear and consistent visual communications.

Why is it important to promote wayfinding?

Wayfinding design systems are essential for navigating public spaces and help to promote a sense of well-being, particularly in high-stress environments that may be difficult to navigate.

Have a signage project you need help with?

If you would like to discuss wayfinding design and signage printing, we can provide advice and design work to help your brand stamp its mark on your space. Get in touch with Designhouse today.