Brand Strategy

A strong brand doesn’t just happen - it needs a long-term brand strategy to underpin what it stands for, and everything you do.

What is a brand strategy?

Brand strategy defines who your brand is, its ethos and values. It also brings your competitive positioning to life and works to create a reputation that makes you stand out to your prospects and customers. A brand strategy incorporates brand identity and campaigns, to develop who you are as a business.

What makes a brand strategy?

To create a brand strategy you need to define your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, values and core proposition. You should think creatively and decide how your brand falls under the following: 

  • The positioning and customer opportunity
  • Core proposition
  • Brand values 
  • Tone of voice
  • Key messaging

Why is brand strategy important?

A brand strategy helps you stand out from your competition and makes you more recognisable to customers. It will also help define your marketing strategy, by providing a clear purpose to engage customers and how you would do so.

You will be able to communicate with your customers more clearly. By having consistent messaging, you will be able to attract and maintain loyal customers.


How do you develop a brand strategy?

When creating your strategy, you must consider and incorporate your business objectives, logo, website and the content you share. 

We help you to understand and uncover your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, values and core proposition to help you solidify your brand positioning strategy, and will work with you to articulate this clearly in your brand communications - whether it’s for brand development or a full rebranding strategy. 

What is your brand strategy process?

We use workshops and phone interviews to help you define a compelling idea that sits at the heart of your business. Once the brand strategy has been agreed, we can help you to prepare a creative brief to translate the new brand definition into a visual system with logotype, typography, imagery and colour palette.

Have a brand strategy project you need help with?

We're always happy to talk, so get in touch today to find out how Designhouse can help you define who your brand is really is and set you apart from the competition.