Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is so important to modern businesses that it can't be overstated. Internal communications and employee engagement go hand in hand and are an important tool for your business. These strategies have been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve team efficiency and increase profits.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a business’ ability to be present, focused, and energised. An engaged employee will go above and beyond what is expected of them because they feel part of a purpose larger than themselves.

Internal communications and employee engagement can be improved by several strategies from surveys to newsletters, microsites to branded merchandise. 

Why is employee engagement important?

Your employees are the most powerful brand ambassadors that your business will have. It is important that your employees are excited by your brands messaging and understand the value your brand brings to its customers. 

By engaging employees through internal communications you can influence your employees to spread positive affirmations about your company.


How can we improve employee engagement?

We develop engaging, branded creative solutions that bring your internal communication campaigns to life, cascading the strategy down through the organisation in an exciting way that encourages employees to actively engage with the programme.

What tools increase employee engagement?

Working within existing brand guidelines, we can deliver a range of materials from a simple, coherent toolkit for employees to newsletters; PPT and Word templates; launch videos; microsites; posters; postcards; blogs and promotional merchandise.

From 3D training Apps to bespoke ‘Top Trump’ cards, we help our clients to deliver creative solutions that strategically tackle issues to boost staff engagement, knowledge, values and targets.

We can also lead events for you, running brand workshops and organising campaign launches to employees and stakeholders within the business.

Are you looking to increase employee engagement?

We’re always happy to talk, so get in touch today to find out how Designhouse can help you achieve maximum impact and engagement from your employees.