Video & Animation

More memorable than the written word, video and animation can help bring your brand communications to life. If you’re looking for a video production company or animator, we can help you tell your brand story in a rich, visual medium that cuts through the digital ‘noise’ and helps to differentiate your content.

Why is video important for business?

Video and animation are especially powerful in representing abstract ideas or simplifying complex B2B messages that can be long-winded in text format, making them easier to understand and more memorable. Video and animation can be used to launch new products, present data and highlighting key findings.

Our video & animation process

Once the brief has been agreed with a client, we will develop a storyboard and mood board that tells your brand story and profiles your products or services. For videos, locations will be confirmed and, if required, models and any additional equipment booked. If required, we can also develop a script to accompany the video or animation and arrange voiceovers. We work in close collaboration with our clients on video and animation projects, through the editing process to completion. We have the capability to do short 10-20 second edits as well as longer 1-2 minute brand videos.

Working from our video production company in London, we own HD Sony broadcast quality camera equipment and a DJI Inspire 2 drone. We have an autocue and inhouse studio space for filming and voice-over sound recording. We use Final Cut or Adobe Premier Editing Suites and are proficient in 3D software and Cinema 4D. Our team uses Adobe Creative Suite for publishing, editing, animations, illustrations, internet and photography.


Why is video so effective in marketing?
We process visual content 60,000 times faster than text, making it more immediately accessible and engaging than the written word. Created within brand guidelines and in a style and personality appropriate to your brand identity, videos are visual stories that help to enhance brand awareness through added value to the users.

Done well, they create impact and grab the viewer’s attention, creating stand out and allowing for authoritative and compelling communication of original content. Edited, short videos are also perfect for sharing via social platforms, driving traffic to your website, improving search engine rankings/SEO.

Have a video or animation project you need help with?

Are you looking for a video production or animation company? We can help create brand videos & animations that effectively communicate your story or showcase your products & services with impact. Get in touch with Designhouse today.