A global launch introducing the new corporate brand to employees.

The Nuance Group’s new corporate identity is the culmination of an 18 month collaboration with Designhouse.

We initially conducted interviews with the company’s clients, suppliers and airport partners to determine a new brand strategy and proposition. In order to develop this further, over 100 Nuance employees attended our workshops held in Australia, Hong Kong, United States and Europe where the new brand positioning, strategy and company values were introduced.

These sessions allowed the divisional representatives to contribute on how best to bring to life the strategy and values across the entire, global organisation. It also resulted in quality intelligence being gathered and shared with the management board, helping reinforce the company’s overall ambitions for growth in the future.

The new identity was launched globally, to all employees via a coordinated online event. This was delivered through a dedicated microsite combining the CEO’s introductory video message with the animated ribbon forming the new logo before outlining the creative branding processes required to deliver the new brand. Subsequently, the identity has been rolled out worldwide across a spectrum of corporate, retail and internal applications.