Prime Burger

A new name and branding for street food innovators.

The Prime Burger logo

The Fine Burger Co. are one of the innovators of the ‘street food scene’ and required a new name and brand look & feel that truly represents their niche of selling quality burgers to people who are on-the-go, in high footfall locations.

Having sold their successful hospitality and events business, The Fine Burger Co commissioned Designhouse to create a new name and brand identity that reflected their offer of restaurant-based, freshly-cooked, quality burgers to people on-the-go, in high footfall locations.

An independent company, using award winning English beef and local suppliers, they needed to differentiate themselves from competitors without losing the value they had built up over the years in their street food business.

The branded facade of Prime Burger at Kings Cross St Pancras
Prime Burger in-restaurant menus


Working alongside directors to find a new name, Prime Burger was chosen to reflect both the quality of the product and the location of the restaurants.

The new identity includes a new colour palette, a new typeface and a stamp of authority highlighting the hand-crafted quality of the burgers.

From Fine to Prime, the new brand has been unveiled at the two locations in St Pancras and Euston stations, and is currently being rolled out nationally.

Following our renaming and rebranding exercise, Prime Burger has been acquired by US hospitality and food service giant, Delaware North.

A Prime Burger worker with a blue apron and branded stamp
a photograph of Prime Burger truffle chips on branded wrapping paper