Springer Nature Group

A compelling storytelling campaign for a global publishing company, Springer Nature Group.

Story Source logo surrounded by collaged images from each story.

Designhouse was commissioned by Springer Nature Group to create a new video campaign to grow and solidify its reputation across its global audience of researchers, librarians, funders and policymakers.

The challenge was to turn fact-based, research-led content into a dynamic and emotionally-engaging campaign. The ‘Story Source’ campaign uses dynamic video and animations to bring to life some of the most exciting stories from the Group’s research and education communities, to inspire and make a difference to those communities.

We identified a shortlist of inspiring research stories from across the Group’s community that collectively showcased its global reach: from palaeontology in Egypt and oil-well methane leaks in the US to the fight against global infectious diseases led by a team in China and a look at Springer Nature Group’s own input into solving world food shortages.

Each story was then brought to life through animation and video using a very distinctive, collage-like style that brings personality, colour and emotional depth to each research narrative. The dynamic videos highlight the breadth and reach of Springer Nature Group’s work, reminding its audience of the unique and pivotal role it plays in bringing this extraordinary research into the world through its portfolio of publishing brands and imprints.


The full campaign includes a range of video content including trailers, individual videos, and a summary video, plus online content including interactive PDFs and digital banners. The videos will be rolled out on Springer Nature Group’s website and social media across 2022.

Our work to help grow and solidify Springer Nature Group’s reputation across its audience of researchers, librarians, funders and policy makers lead to over 220,500 social media impressions and almost 33,000 views on YouTube.

Client testimonial

“We wanted our Story Source campaign to bring our community’s stories to life in a more dynamic and engaging way than we had done previously, showing the true value of what Springer Nature brings to its audience. Designhouse helped us get there with all the creativity, energy and ideas they brought to the project. We can’t wait to work on the next phase of the campaign.”

Matthew Harvey Brand Director