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B2B campaigns encouraging take-up of carbon reduction.


Designhouse was commissioned to design and produce all the campaign assets to promote Centrica Business Solution's new Electric Vehicle (EV) Enablement and This is Positive Energy B2B campaigns.

The new collateral needed to be engaging and positive, to encourage businesses to take action. The creative treatments also needed to work across a range of applications: video, digital and social media content, printed brochures and PPT presentations.

Our challenge was to ensure that all campaign material could also be introduced seamlessly onto the Centrica website, sitting comfortably alongside existing products and information.



We focused on highlighting the importance of new sustainable energy solutions and used natural looking photography of people to project positivity and confidence in the workplace.

Centrica's LinkedIn followers have increased by 629% and by 328% on Twitter since Designhouse started managing their social media accounts.

Client testimonial

"I'm continually hearing great things about Designhouse, they are particularly good at listening, taking onboard feedback and ultimately delivering. This way of working is quite simply in their DNA. I'm confident we will be working on many more projects."

Rachel Kemp Marketing and Communications

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It’s time to get your customers talking

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