North West Cambridge Development

North West Cambridge Development (NWCD) provides the University of Cambridge with a unique opportunity to develop an exemplary extension to Cambridge with a vision to become a new city quarter centred on a mixed academic and urban community: a place that is unique, sustainable and vibrant whilst capturing the essence of the character of Cambridge.

NWCD Sub Brands

Designhouse is the lead creative agency for North West Cambridge Development.

It will provide staff and student accommodation and facilities for some 8,500 people on a 150 hectare site to the north west of the city.

Our brief was to create the names and brand identities for the four customer-facing operating companies that will manage the services and facilities onsite once people move into their new homes.

• Portal: Estate Management
• Core: Sustainable Heat Management
• Go: Sport Services
• Lodge: Property Rental Services

Working within existing guidelines, we created fresh, customer-friendly logos, where the personalities of each service are reflected in the treatment: Portal – all encompassing, Core – ambient and warm, Go – dynamic and fast paced, and Lodge – trustworthy and established.

Each of the four new marques are derived from the existing North West Cambridge Development modern heraldic identity. The colours are taken from the existing secondary palette. 

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Appointed as lead creative agency our brief was to develop compelling and dynamic design materials in line with the existing brand guidelines that can be used and adapted by the NWCD team. The purpose was to engage and appeal to the Universities various stakeholder groups including; staff, students, local residents, the international academic community and future development investors and partners.

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