Royal London

Pop art and heraldry for a very British brand.


Designhouse was commissioned by Condor Group to refresh their consumer watch brand, Royal London, to make it more contemporary.

With a predominantly international market and selling in more than 40 countries, we focused on the strong British heritage of the brand and key values of quality, innovation and style.


The existing crown logo was simplified and the upper half of the Union Jack flag was introduced into the circlet design.

Petit Serif was introduced as the primary font, giving a more contemporary feel but still retaining some of the character and heritage of the brand. A supplementary font, Johnston ITC, mirrored the typeface used on the London Underground.

The new bold, contemporary colour palette injected more personality into the brand to give it stand out.


New lifestyle photography for the Made in London collection was commissioned and directed inhouse, set against a backdrop of iconic London landmarks.

For the website, and to support the British brand proposition, we introduced images representing royalty, heraldry and British pop culture. These images were juxtaposed with contemporary graphics and detailed photographs of inner watch mechanics.