Com Laude

A new brand refresh for global domain services provider.

Com Laude is a leading global provider of domain names and registry management services, additionally offering expert strategic advice in the dot brand arena, brand protection and security services. Established in London in 2004, the Group has offices across the UK, in Spain, the USA and Japan.

Designhouse was tasked with evolving the brand identity to better communicate Com Laude’s trusted expertise and customer-centric, flexible approach, and to help the brand stand out from competitors.

We developed a new isometric design system derived from the original ‘World of Dots’ logo and inspired by moveable pegboards. The design system represents each client’s ever-changing portfolio needs, while mercury-like connections between the dots reinforce the fluidity of the solutions offered by Com Laude.



The original 3D logo has evolved while retaining an abstract link with the original ‘World of Dots’. The previous wordmark typeface, Helvetica, has been replaced with Galano to be more reflective of the strapline Client-shaped domain services.

A sophisticated new colour palette of deep Cranberry and muted grey added gravitas and professionalism to the master logo, while creating differentiation in a market dominated by blues and greens. The personalities of each service were reflected in the secondary colour palette of Apricot, Blueberry, Apple and Grape.

The new brand identity has been applied across all Com Laude digital and social platforms, infographics and illustration systems, exhibition stands, presentation templates, stationery and video stings.


Client testimonial

"In the refresh, we were looking to introduce a vibrancy of voice and create a brand identity that would be inviting for both clients and prospects alike, and notably create audible differentiation between us and our competitors. We have ambitions to be a global leader in domain names and the new brand system from Designhouse uses intelligent and intuitive design to deliver a professional yet fun and engaging voice."

Penny Hearn Head of Marketing