A new strategic brand purpose to support sustainable and ethical growth.


EMCOR UK are leaders in the facilities services outsourcing market, turning over £240 million annually and employing 4,000 people across 14 different services. They are fully owned by the US Fortune 500 group, EMCOR Group Inc.

However, the vision, values and brand strategy that helped to establish the business were no longer as relevant for employees, customers and stakeholders.

Our brief was to deliver a new strategic brand proposition that truly reflected organisations’ unique collaborative, human-centric culture and sustainable and ethical approach.

Over four months, we interviewed staff, customers, supply-chain partners and industry influencers, and ran a series of brand strategy workshops and an all-staff survey.

The result was a comprehensive set of insights that underpins a new strategic brand proposition, with a refreshed brand model that reflects the firm’s culture and acts as a powerful enabler of EMCOR UK’s ambitions.

The new brand proposition includes a reimagined vision ‘A better world at work’ and a powerful set of four core values. We simplified the brand hierarchy, refining the model from 14 different services into four relatable and memorable service propositions: experience; create; enhance; and transform.


Working in close collaboration with the UK executive board and the US team, we have brought “A better world at work” to life with a vibrant new colour palette and a new graphic style.

Orange replaces teal blue, symbolising a new dawn and progression, while the ring graphic concept reflects the world, as well as the O of EMCOR UK. Based on a circle, the graphic style allows for rich and diverse communications, with semi-circles and quadrants lending themselves to infographics and iconography as well as interesting crops of photography.

The new soft, rounded typeface is empathetic and approachable, used with lower case headlines, hero messaging and infographics to improve communications.


We refreshed the existing logo, creating a monochrome, simplified diamond formation and refined wordmark, while the UK element moved to sit top right as superscript, making it easier to reproduce and apply as a lockup.

The four new service propositions are given personality with their own complementary colour palette and iconography.

For the internal launch, we created a video and supporting digital and printed materials to introduce the new brand purpose and strategy to employees. The new brand identity was then introduced in a controlled roll-out, with updates to brochures, website, document templates and social media platforms.


Client testimonial

“We are so pleased and excited to finally be launching this into our business and we couldn’t have done it without all of the support from the team at Designhouse. Thank you so much for all of your great work, support and patience, that has got us to this point. The fantastic outputs we are delivering to the business (and soon to our external audiences) are a true demonstration of the collaboration between us and the partnership we continue to develop.”

Bethan Davies Marketing Manager, EMCOR UK