Delivering a contemporary and dynamic identity for an expert private equity owned recruitment agency.

Founded in 2010, Finatal was created to fill a gap in the Private Equity sector. They are specialist recruiters who have experienced immense success and growth working with a multitude of clients across the UK. Today, Finatal is recognised as a recruitment agency that provides the highest quality finance talent to a vast range of Private Equity investors, their portfolio companies, and privately owned businesses.

Despite their success, Finatal’s continuous battle was against developing their brand to have a stand out identity. Our brief was to create a fully fledged and engaging identity to position them as a refined and developed consultancy in the marketplace; without losing their dynamic and competitive edge which has been ever so beneficial to them to date.

3 branded brochure covers

The new logo is a contemporary wordmark with a bespoke F. The dynamic F was created to be a versatile and instantly recognisable feature of the brand which can be used widely across the company and their assets. It can also be used independently as a monogram and is a diverse feature that is synonymous with Finatal.

A key aspect of the development of Finatal’s new identity was to rejuvenate their colour palette. We transformed the look of their brand by introducing a dynamic purple gradient to replace the use of solid block purple colours across their brand. This makes the look and feel of the brand more visually engaging and offers Finatal clear differentiation within the sector.

The new brand utilises a graphic ‘ribbon’ device which was derived directly from the new logo. The ribbon is a flexible brand asset that can be used to support content in diverse ways and across multiple deliverables.

4 pages of brand guidelines with infographics

Crucially, Designhouse create a new strapline for Finatal - ‘Perfectly Placed’. The messaging is not only confident and concise, but it also works from two perspectives: as the partner of choice and delivery of the highest quality candidates.

Following the rebrand, results showed a 760% increase in social media re-shares across LinkedIn.

Finatal also doubled their London office space to cater for their rapidly growing team and recently opened new offices in Frankfurt.

Client testimonial

"I am delighted with the work done by the team and the end result. Look forward to getting it out there and working with it over the coming years!"

David Rooney CEO