Gulf Oil - Reviva Coffee

A new brand identity embodying optimism, vibrancy, and a zest for life

Gulf Oil, a leading lifestyle brand and fuel provider, has been a global innovator for over 120 years. Designhouse recently collaborated to develop and launch a dynamic, new international coffee brand.

Amongst the brand deliverables created were the naming and identity as well as launch materials. Gulf’s objective for their new brand extension, was to cut through the crowded market with a unique coffee offer. Designhouse’s solution for the new coffee brand needed to reflect Gulf’s strong legacy of confidence and optimism. 

Following a strategic positioning exercise, Designhouse developed the new name Reviva, which is derived from ‘revitalising’ and ‘long life’. With a focus on revitalisation, Reviva stands alone as a crafted coffee brand offering moments of invigoration and recovery.

Elevating the ordinary to extraordinary, the brand personality embodies optimism, vibrancy, and a zest for life – where every moment is filled with vitality and energy. While Reviva stands alone as an independent brand, it maintains a powerful link to Gulf, with a visual identity that celebrates the iconic parent’s colour palette across all applications.

All eyes were on the new coffee brand at the spectacular launch at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Following the launch success, Swansea Football Club and the Raffles Hotel secured sponsorship deals with Reviva.

The new brand continues to gain popularity, with our support across a range of collateral, including packaging, merchandise, signage and social media assets.

Client Testimonial

“We needed an agile partner to develop a dynamic name and brand for our new international coffee brand. Designhouse were a fantastic team, bringing our vision of elevating the ordinary to extraordinary to life. We are delighted with our new brand, Reviva, which has already seen great success in a very crowded market."

Sara Trioni Business Development Manager, Gulf Oil International Group