Roc Technologies

Helping Roc to fly higher & faster

Over the past decade, Roc Technologies has firmly established itself as a leader in digital innovation. Working with clients on wholesale digital transformations and managed technology solutions.

In 2023, Roc recorded $44.9 million in revenue, with their team growing to 251 employees. ​As a technology services provider, their core offer combines their expertise and ecosystem of partners to deliver aligned technology solutions for their clients, spanning across multiple industries. Roc works with customers where security and the protection of sensitive data are critical.

Roc has an unwavering commitment to making sustainable change seamless for their customers. Their prowess in navigating the most complex and secure environments has earned them a world-class reputation as a trusted partner across Aviation, Defence, Higher Education, Energy, Legal & more, with their aim to be the ‘trusted partner for customers by building a business that is easy to work for and with’. 

Roc commissioned Designhouse to evolve their brand and help delineate themselves from competitors who either present an overly complex identity or use playful imagery to appear more approachable. 

Roc wanted to make their website experience less complex, with their user experience functionally straightforward in helping communicate their offering to highly secure environments and workplaces in the UK whilst promoting an innovative and dynamic look & feel.

Our approach to the brand evolution was to respect the importance of security, reliability and clarity for internal and external audiences, communicating Roc’s solutions with improved transparency and the precision of futuristic brand components.

At the heart of this revitalised identity lies a powerful visual device: the feathered wings of a bird of prey, demonstrating strength, agility, and determination.

This idea was inspired by the legend of the Roc bird, a mythical creature said to be strong enough to carry an elephant in its talons. The Roc bird smoothly soars above the clouds, with a birdseye view of the landscape below. When an obstacle is cited ahead of time, it is able to acutely hone in on its target and dive into action with focus & agility. 


Roc’s logo and brand elements introduced across their website, brochures, social media assets, and sales materials characterise an aerodynamic, confident, fast and adaptable business, mirroring their ability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation with ease and precision.