A clean and modern subsidiary brand for Vitol

Designhouse collaborated with Vitol, the largest independent energy trading company in the world, with a global presence spanning more than 40 countries. Vitol asked Designhouse, to create a brand for their new end-to-end fleet electrification provider company, VEV.

Our team created a contemporary brand identity that aligns with VEV's innovative product and service offerings. The creative journey began through the development of a modern design language that encapsulates the essence of electrification.

As a company with a strong focus on sustainability, the visual identity also had to align with the positive outcomes achieved by electrification. Given the investment, future proofing the brand was essential to ensure it would continue to stand out in a developing industry.

The standalone ‘V’ pays homage to the first  letter of the company’s parent brand, Vitol,  while the interlinked ‘EV’ symbolises the inherent connection with the electrification sector, while also enhancing the logo’s legibility.

Client Testimonial

“Designhouse captured the essence of VEV helping us to develop and launch a fresh new identity. We continue to work with Designhouse because they combine creative and digital expertise with a real sense that they’re part of our marketing team.”

Sam Hoyland Director