A game-inspired training platform.

Designhouse was commissioned to research, design and build a new concept in 3D interactive training for Vodafone’s European B2B salesforce.

The aim was to create an enhanced learning experience for employees, replacing the existing training methods and printed materials with an interactive role play journey through a simulated city we named Vodaville.

We wanted to recreate realistic customer scenarios that the salesforce would experience in their day-to-day work, allowing them to practice conversation starters and test product knowledge before engaging with their customers in real life.

The Designhouse team worked closely with Vodafone to develop a series of scenarios for the financial, retail and utilities sectors.

We created more than 50 fully developed characters for trainees to interact with, each with their own personalities and voices to enhance the experience. The 3D environment made the trainee’s journey more realistic and their experience more engaging and rewarding

We developed the training app from start to completion: planning the user journey; designing the interface and navigation (UI and UX); creating the Vodaville city with the characters and their scenario scripts; and building the app using3D web application technologies.

Individual user progress and results are tracked to help improve their experience, encourage competition amongst the sales staff and to measure KPIs.

The Vodaville App now acts as a single, central repository for all information about the Vodafone network and products, for sales staff to access when researching new business prospects or simply refreshing their existing knowledge.

Vodaphone Salesforce feedback

"Looks fantastic, so fun and interactive - sales people are in for a real treat! This has blown my mind - great resource to quickly check something but it really does have everything they'd need!”