An animated launch video and campaign to support a major consultation programme.


Designhouse has created a new visual theme for a major UK construction industry consultation campaign looking at the future funding of apprenticeships and training.

The communications required a complex message to be simplified and presented in an engaging form to encourage wide industry participation.

The campaign launched with Designhouse’s animated film setting out the proposed funding changes. The concept and execution allowed the campaign to feel light-hearted and playful whilst delivering multiple messages in a way that was informative and inspiring.


The campaign led to 1,128 events being booked with CITB, and the dedicated microsite received more than 42,500 views.  The campaign resulted in a favourable vote of 77%.

Mailers, online and print advertising, z-cards and portable exhibition materials supported the CITB tour of Britain talking about the consultation. All the materials were translated into Welsh for CITB Wales.

Following the campaign, more than 1,120 training events were booked and the microsite received more than 42,500 views.