An authoritative brand solution for a leading-edge data automation company.

Xceptor is a leading-edge data automation company, servicing global financial services institutions. Their unique Xceptor Platform, developed over 20 years, combined with their suite of advanced automation products allows business users to be empowered, elevate productivity, and deliver enhanced end-user experiences for financial services’ customers. The quality of their specialist solutions has been recognised by their blue-chip global financial services clients.

Following private equity investment by Astorg in 2021, Xceptor are pursuing an accelerated growth strategy. As a central part of this strategy, they were seeking to establish a distinct position in an increasingly competitive landscape, consolidating their leadership position as the specialist financial services data automation provider.


Their strategic brief asked Designhouse to reassess Xceptor’s brand strategy, identity and expression, reflecting their mission to empower financial services business users. Our objective was to revitalise their brand identity, to codify a growing suite of Xceptor automation propositions and to better reflect the unique qualities and values of their technologies, support services, culture and expertise.

Their new brand solution, developed during a 4-month programme, sets them apart in an increasingly complex competitive landscape. The updated Xceptor identity and expression solution is simpler and more authoritative. It narrates the story of Xceptor’s expertise and leadership in the field of data automation, and the positive impacts they make for the people who use their platform. 

The key identity system of the brand effectively tells the story of what they do and how they lead. It shows an upward journey and is inspired by a simple and powerful idea: every day Xceptor uses the strength of their platforms and technology to empower business users and employees.

Working with Xceptor’s technology, marketing, product and business development teams, Designhouse also established a refined brand identity hierarchy. This solution better communicates the Xceptor platform, solution and service portfolio. It has a re-focused and versatile branding system that supports both employees and customers to navigate the organisation and fully understand their advanced offering.

The launch of the updated Xceptor brand identity marks a significant milestone in the business’ remarkable growth story. With a new leadership, private equity backing and a powerful suite of data automation solutions, Xceptor is now poised to expand their market presence and to solidify their position as a dominant force in financial services data automation.

Client Testimonial

“Designhouse have been a great partner to take us on the journey of re-branding. We very much look forward to developing our relationship even further as we continue to grow our company. Without the passion, relentless drive and your patience with our demand we would not be seeing the fantastic results we see today!”

Ludovic Blanquet Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer