Designhouse was commissioned to develop an identity and packaging for a new American chocolate brand.

The challenge was to develop an identity that would stand out as a unique new brand when displayed alongside established, high-profile chocolate like Hersheys and Mars.

We developed a brand story around the location and heritage of the Wheatley Ranch, built in Snowmass Canyon, Colorado by Irishman John Edward Wheatley in the 1890s. We focussed on his pioneering spirit, traditional family values, pride and passion.

The logotype was inspired by the tools used by ranchers for hot branding, with two fonts customised to reflect the uniqueness of the brand. The Wheatley Ranch monogram references the ornate American fonts of the 19th century, while the second font introduces a more contemporary feel. The use of the monogram reinforces the connection to pride and passion by physically branding the chocolate and packaging.

For the launch, three different creative treatments were developed for dark, milk and white chocolate packaging, using a muted, natural colour palette to create nostalgic graphic illustrations of the Colorado landscape and Wheatley Ranch.

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